Episode 7 – ANYCON


Chuck and Fong come to you from the ANYCON InfoSec conference in Albany, NY. We talk to Tyler Wrightson of Leet Systems, Doug White of Secure Digital Life, and hacker Mario DiNatale. We also go over a busy week in privacy legislation.

  • Call the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and let them know to let Section 702 sunset the end of this year.
  • Carpenter vs. U.S. heads to the Supreme Court to decide if police need a warrant to obtain cell provider location data, and potentially reexamine the Third-Party Doctrine.
  • SB21 heads to the floor in Sacramento, potentially placing transparency and strong oversight on law enforcement surveillance equipment deployed in California.
  • New York City considers the POST Act to enact similar accountability measures city-wide on the NYPD’s surveillance gear.
  • New York State residents: Contact state reps Carl Heastie, John J. Flanagan, and Jeffrey Klein and urge them to push the NY ECPA out of committee before the end of session.

This episode’s Patriot is Mario DiNatale and our Pariah is Sen. Tom Cotton (R, AR).