Episode 12 – Privacy Patriots 2.0

Privacy Patriots is back! A new crew has assembled to bring you the latest news from the forefront of technology, civil rights, politics and global affairs.

Tune in and follow our efforts to reign in the surveillance state through lobbying, activism, investigative journalism and more. The three hosts of Privacy Patriots have been lobbying for passage of much needed transparency measures over surveillance and military equipment in Minneapolis.

This inaugural episode of the new edition of Privacy Patriots covers a lot of territory. First an introduction to the new hosts followed by a lengthy discussion of surveillance — locally, nationally and globally (including archival audio).

Later on, Sam explains Persistent Surveillance Systems who aim to fly spyplanes over St Louis in a most Orwellian way. Kurt, Sam and Cass go back and forth about revelations that the FBI is looking into the Restore the Fourth movement. The three also discuss their lobbying of Minneapolis City Council to pass POSTME into law and more.

Listen in and let us know what you think!

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